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Free Printable Luau Hawaiian Invitation Template

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If you are into something tropical then our Luau Hawaiian invitation template will be something you need. We provide some free templates for personal uses and you can download it for free. Choosing a theme is important when it comes to a party or other occasion. Meanwhile, Luau Hawaiian theme is one of the most fun themes for any occasion and it is suitable for all ages. Besides, this theme will include some colorful color selections so you must be ready for it. And if you want to, you may include a headband made of flowers for the dress code or the decoration.

All you need to do is clicking the link that will bring you to the template page. Later, you will see some boxes that can be edited according to what you want and what you need. Our editable Luau Hawaiian invitation template only needs some personal touch from you so it will be a perfect thing that delivers the message from you to the guests. Once you are finished with the editing process, you can click the “save” button and then hit the “download” button. Less than 10 seconds the template is available in your hard drive and can be printed.

Using Hawaiian theme will need some signature decorations like the coconuts, pineapples, and other tropical things. However, it will be so much fun and fresh for a party for sure. When it comes to the printing process, you can print it at home using your own printer and waterproof ink. But it will be much simpler if you just bring it to the printing center. The most common size for invitations is 5 x 7 inches. And the paper will be as light as 100 grams, considering it will be too wobbly if you choose paper with less than 100 grams of weight of Luau Hawaiian invitation template.

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