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(FREE Printable) – Luxury Vintage Gold Mandala Invitation Templates

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In this page, you are about to see our latest collection, we called it as Luxury Vintage golden. This template below were originally intended for a bridal shower or wedding party invitation. Anyway, this template styles were also popular lately as a baby shower party invitation. A party that hosted by the parent to celebrate their new-born or impending baby. However, whether you are in charge of hosting a baby shower or even bridal shower parties, you are certainly need an invitation card – as a formal way to invite your guest to come at your joyful party.

Meanwhile, do you know that? Back then, such luxury parties were intended for certain people, but in these day, you can host your party with such luxury concept without having to worry how it will look like. Therefore, we are here and ready to help you out. Do you have something in mind? Regarding how your invitation card will look like? If you haven’t yet, this Luxury Vintage Golden will help you for sure.



This templates offers a gorgeous background, which is decorated with mandala painting and filled up in deep blue finished. Besides that, please take a look at an “old but gold” of unique frame design, from magnificent roses to the dazzling geometrical frame. All of them will be polished in gold-finished color. This theme will be a perfect choice to express your sense of elegant and aesthetic in such beautiful looking presentation.





Download Instructions

Can’t wait to have this stunning template? You can download it for free though! Take a look at this following instructions,

This following instruction will show you how to download and open the template. Here they are:

  1. Choose your template and click on them
  2. A new page will be popped up.
  3. Right click your mouse button – choose “save image as”
  4. Locate where the template will be saved.
  5. Then tap your Enter key or click Save.
  6. We recommend you to use a simple app for editing photos.

Additional Tips

For printing material, you can get some information from Google. Carefully think which paper material that suit your best, either Card-stock or Linen or even Kraft paper. Most paper has various kinds of colors, textures, as well as thicknesses. The universal standard for printing-sizes is 5×7 inches.

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