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FREE Printable Mad Scientist Invitation Templates

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Sometimes, being mad is not a bad choice. If a scientist must be mad, you can actually be thankful since we mad scientist tries to give her best by decorating the invitation named Free Mad Scientist Birthday Invitations!

Luckily, you can download the mad invitation only by clicking on the right and select save to grab all the sheets. Well, to make it simple, you can also install the internet download manager to your computer then simply open the app to run it quicker.

Comes in 5 x 7” Inches, the Invitation decorated with many pictures of the mad scientist doing his research. We let the center to be blank since you need it to write down the opening words such as: “You are invited to an explosion of fun on (name)’s 7th birthday party!” or “Happy for you! The Mad Scientist ask some people to run the birthday party of (name)!”.







The glass line paper, which is glossy and water resistant, can be used for these invitations. You might have seen this kind of paper in the photo albums. Meanwhile, since the paper is water resistant, the price of this paper also has a bad price for your wallet. If you think the glass line is so expensive, you can still try to choose another paper.

Send the invitation to your colleges and mates! Make your day stands out with the Free Mad Scientist Birthday Invitations! Do not forget to open your photo editor to makeover some simple pictures such as the mad scientist position or others.

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