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FREE Printable Minions Birthday Invitation Templates

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What makes you have no difference with minion? The figures! You are small as a minion. Yet, your big spirit come across yourselves, just like a minion who has always had a big spirit to help you! Happy for you, Happy for you! Happy for you! Our collection named Free Minion Birthday Invitations contains multiple minion photographs.

Send your friends, school, and cousins this invitation. Open it with some phrases like: “Assemble the Minions We’re Celebrating (name) is turning three” or “Calling all Minions! Join us to celebrate (name)’s”

In fact, on 5x 7 “inches, you can create the phrases creative as necessary. Don’t forget to make it as big as you need or littler. Because the middle space is blank, You, as the person who celebrates the unique day can still attach your image to it. You have to use Photoshop. It must be as lovely as possible to create the design. Pull out your design.






How can I pick it up? Just move your photo cursor. Then, right-click. To save the Free Minion Birthday Invitations to your personal computer storage, you need to provide the space. Thus, making the special folder for it is the best choice. After that, the invitation can be printed using the final customization.

Any paper can be used. Meanwhile, for the suggestion which can be used, because it has the kids’ theme, you can use recycled paper. It is so ethical and ecological to use recycled paper. The paper can also be easily discovered, produced or purchased anywhere.

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