Free Printable Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Invitation


For the one who love to see Minnie Mouse, here we have several free printable Minnie Mouse 1st birthday invitation template. In this chance, we share a special design for children. You can use it to celebrate your kid’s birthday. Create a fun party by inviting your family and her friends. To interest them, you can print this printable template and do customization.

Minnie Mouse is the most popular cartoon until nowadays. This cute mouse wears yellow ribbon, red dress with white dots and yellow shoes. Sometimes, she also wears pink dress with big pink ribbon on her head. Her best friend is Daisy, a pretty nice duck. Together, they face new problems and always be able to solve them.






Holding a birthday party is not just blowing up candles. You can build some games for the children. It can enliven the party well. Ask them to find treasures by blowing up the balloons that has candies in it.

To get these Minnie Mouse 1st birthday invitation template, you just need to click on the image and choose Save Image As menu. Then customize the file by adding photos or using fancy texts to write down the details. Get a cardstock paper to print it since it has a high quality image than others.

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