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(FREE Printable) – Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitation Templates

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A baby shower is a momentous event thrown by the parent and it is a best time for both of you and guests to celebrate your baby presence with lots of love and support as well as “shower” the mom-to-be and her baby with well-wishes and sweet gifts. Every babies and mommies deserves a celebration, when it comes to a baby shower party, the main focus is helping the new parents acquire gear and supplies. Fortunately, most baby showers are not expected to look like the over-the-top celebrity events that dominate your Instagram feeds. But you’ll still need to handle your own decorations and invitation as well as the food and beverage if you want to keep your budget on track.

Nowadays, you can browse various kinds of innovative ideas through the internet, not only the latest trend of party decoration, but you can also browse numerous types of templates design for your invitation card like these Minnie Mouse template. This template was inspired from the famous Disney Classic Character of Minnie Mouse, and we’ve rounded them into six different styles. As you might have seen it, in the background layer, it was decorated with such beautiful fine grid of stripes and dot-pattern. What a perfectly designed baby shower invitation card to charm your guests’ feeling with these adorable template.







Our template comes in printable format, so you can handle it at your home and get some supplies at stationery shop, and it’s far cheaper than paying someone to design your invitation. The perfect time to send out your invites is 5 weeks before the due-date of your baby. So you need to arrange it carefully.

For printing material, there are two basic paper, Card-stock paper and Text paper. You can pick the card stock paper, this will remind you of a post card and wedding invitation card (sturdy, and doesn’t bent as easily as the text paper). It also comes in various weights, between 45-200 lbs. Can’t wait to have them? Just click on the template and new page will be shown, then right click & choose “save image as” to save it into your computer.

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