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Free Printable Minnie Mouse Invitation Template

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We provide free printable Minnie Mouse invitation template you can use for your upcoming party. Minnie Mouse is such a girlie cartoon character and you can use this theme for any party. So, regardless this party is aimed for yourself or your niece, you will never go wrong with Minnie Mouse as the main theme. Besides, it could be very colorful and trendy if you want a timeless theme. And this is why we are here offering you our free template for your invitation design. The template is totally free as long as you take it for personal uses. Using our template will save your time and money for sure.

You can click the link somewhere on this page that will bring you to another page. Later, you will see the Minnie Mouse invitation template that can be edited before you download it. All you need to do is filling the available boxes or even remove and add the boxes according to your need. After you are finished with the editing process, you can click the “download” button. The template will be in your hard drive in less than 10 seconds for sure. You can include the dress code in the invitation.

We are inspired by Oneko design from Etsy. You can buy the paid version of the invitation from her. Here’s the preview

Since you use the theme of Minnie Mouse, it will be not Minnie Mouse enough if you do not include the dotted shirts and the bandanna. When it comes to the printing step, our free printable template can be printed on your own. You just need to prepare a proper type of paper. It must be 5 x 7 inches of size and 100 grams of weight. Also, make sure that you use the waterproof ink so the invitation will stay stunning and on point. We highly recommend you to use our free printable Minnie Mouse invitation template, considering you need an extra budget to pay the graphic designer

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