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Free Printable Moana Birthday Invitation Template

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If you are a fan of Disney then you must be ready with our Moana invitation template. We offer the free template for invitation cards with Moana theme. Using Moana as the main theme will make the party feels so adventurous. Other than Moana, we also have several other characters from this movie. Using our free template will only take two major steps from you. The first step is visiting our website and the second step is downloading the link. All you need to is just click the download button and the template is ready to be printed!

But, before you download the template, you can edit the information that on the template. We provide several boxes you that can be filled with the party host, the guest name, and other details of the party. Our free Moana invitation template will be the way for you to cut the budget on creating the invitation design. Since the steps are pretty simple, you can download it for less than 10 seconds.  Once you have edited and downloaded it, you can print it directly to your papers. In order to make the Moana theme feels very thick, you may add some accessories like a birthday cake topper. You can buy it from online stores or just print the available template on some websites.

If you want to print the invitation template on your own, it is highly recommended to choose a thick type of paper. At least it must be 100 grams so the result will be really good. The glossy paper is also available but if you are not sure about the paper type, you may ask the staff in the paper store. However, we recommend you to print it at the printing house so you would get a wider range of paper options. Moana invitation template will make a great birthday.

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