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Free Printable Moana Birthday Invitation Templates

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Are you fan of Moana? Since this movie is released, a lot of people feel amazed with the plot. A strong brave girl looked for a truth. It teaches us to be optimistic. Based on the message of this movie, we try to deliver the same hope for everyone who want to celebrate her birthday party. Download our free printable Moanna birthday invitation templates  below.

This file really eases you with the setting. You can select portrait or landscape template. We designed the invitation card in details. You may find pastel color on the background. It also comes in HD quality. Therefore, you don’t need to feel worried whether the printing result would be blurres or not.

First, you have to do right click on the image and choose Save Image As menu. After that, put the file on your folder. Write down the party details like the date, time and location. If you can operate an editing software, that is a great idea. It really helps you to finish the work. Using that program, you may also add photos on the invitation card.

While for the paper, we recommend you to use a cardstock paper. It is the best paper to print a template because it gives you an authentic image. Don’t worry. It does not cost expensive and reallt easy to find on stationary. Happy birthday!

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