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FREE Printable Moana Invitation Template

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If you want to celebrate your party with Hawaiian theme, then you can be the next Hawaiian princess as Moana! You can celebrate your birthday party as Disney theme as well as Hawaiian party theme. Here’s FREE printable Moana Invitation Template. You can download it for free and personal use. Celebrating Moana theme can make your summer party looks fun and stunning.

This Moana invitation comes in 5×7″ size with HD quality. You can simply download the invitation below , print and start write down your party details with a pen or a marker. Write down time, date and location of the party on it. If you are able to operate Photoshop or Coreldraw, then you can customize this invitation freely! The sky is the limit for your creativity. This Moana invitation comes in blue background.

Download this invitation for FREE!
This Moana invitation is very easy to use, simply click on the image and start download the invitation. Write down your party and you’re done! write down your party details one by one can be very painful and tired. So I advice you to ask your friend or family who are able to operate Photoshop to edit this invitation 🙂

When its done, you’re ready to send the invitation to your guest! That’s it hope you like it! 🙂


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