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(FREE Printable) – Modern Gold Geometrical Invitation Templates

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In this day, hosting kids’ birthday parties seem a lot more elaborate than what we used to when we were growing up. Many parents tends to be passive now, they will hire some party planner to transform their homes into whole new worlds and it may costs a large sum of money. According to Google, The average cost of hosting a 1st birthday party can be anywhere from $300 – $1000+, it could be a waste though. Just because, first birthday parties have now reached the same status as major milestone events like 17th & 30th birthday parties.

We all know that we are living in such beautiful era of technology. We can connect and interact to almost everyone within the city through the vast majority of Internet. That’s why, 30% of parents still wanted their party could be done in their own home with their own hand. You can browse some pretty good ideas on the Internet, and get some free template design for your party invitation like in this lovely site. We are here provides you with various kinds of template design ideas for your bridal shower party, from a simple bridal shower at café to luxury bridal shower.


Fortunately, we have something for your upcoming party invitation. These Gold Geometrical Polyhedron could be a perfect choice for your special party and it’s absolutely free though! It comes with a pearly white background, a set of stunning polyhedron frame design that decorate the entire card and nice blends of gold accents, it’s perfect for party which is decorated with such elegant and classy concept.





How To Download + Tips

To download these stunning templates, you can save it by right-clicking on your selected template, then go for “save image as” and choose where your template will be saved in your device. Once you have downloaded the templates, you can jump on the next steps. Put your own wordings and add some details on it, you can take a note on these following tips,

  • To open your template, use default windows apps like Ms. Paint or you can use Microsoft Word instead of Paint, because these day the Ms. Word is completely enough for you to do a simple editing and adding some text.
  • For printing material, we suggest you to use cardstock paper, it weigh around 20-80lbs and comes with a variety of textures and colors, you can also go for the glossy paper, as it’s absorb inks really well, so your printed image will looks sharper.

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