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Free Printable Monster Inc. Invitation Template

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Who does not know the popular Monster Inc.? Well, if you are one of their fans then you need to throw a party with the theme of Monster Inc. Other than that, here we have the free and printable Monster Inc. invitation template for your upcoming party. Monster Inc. is like a memorable memory we have during the childhood with its priceless moral value. We personally love the colors used in this animated movie so it is going to be a nice theme for any party. Besides, you can use this theme for your own party or your kid’s party. This template is free for personal uses only.

All you need to do is download the template. But before you download it, you need to edit the template so it fits your party expectation. There are a few boxes and you can add or remove the boxes if you do not want to. Later, you can just fill in the boxes with the necessary information like your name, the party location, the guest’s name, the rules, the dress code, and so on. Once the editing is finished, you can finally hit the “download” button. The Monster Inc. invitation template will be ready in your hard drive. For a fun decoration, you may want to add some balloons with Sullivan’s head or put some ribbons with the suitable colors that match the theme.

The paper for an invitation is commonly 5 x 7 inches for the size and 100 grams for the weight. You can prepare and print it at home with your personal printer after all. However, the result will be much better and smoother if you print it by using a professional printer. Since you have saved your budget for designing the invitation, you can allocate it for something else like printing the Monster Inc. invitation template in the printing center.

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