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FREE Printable Nella the Princess Knight invitation Templates

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Bonjour! You are selected to get our newest collection named Free Princess and Knight Birthday Invitations.  As the owner of the land, we need some princess and knights to get our invitations quickly. By choosing to download the pictures, it means that you are going to help us find the right receiver. Well, what are you waiting for? Grab it quick! Then, use it for your birthday event!

The Free Princess and Knight Birthday Invitations contain several cutest pictures which we designed especially for you. The romantic scene put on the under space decorate the blank and pure sheets into something lovably and romantically.

Since the theme is love and romantic, you can add several words which has the same tone such as: “Let’s come to our princess (name) birthday party” or you can also open with “Calling out all the princess and knight across the world to visit (name) home for joining her birthday party!”






The original size is 5 x 7” inches but you can still manage it into the bigger one. Using your editing skills, it would be great to see the picture of a princess and knight at the top.  Furthermore, cropping the image is allowable. Use your imagination to make it aesthetically pleasing.

The canvas paper is beautifully damn good for the production. The cost is cheap and the result is good. Whenever you are going to get it, you just need to seek into the stationary and get the best material. The better you choose the best result you will get. Be the selective man for the invitations? Why not?

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