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(FREE PRINTABLE) – NERF Birthday Party Kits Template

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Do you often buy NERF gun toys for your son? Why do not you think to try the NERF birthday party kits for him? Of course, happiness does not only for your son but also for all guests (kid’s guests) that come in. Anyway, Drevio brings this bright color gun toy with foam as the bullets in some templates. There are NERF-shaped hat, invitation, cupcake topper, and the water bottle label. On the other hand, the free printable NERF themed birthday party kits here is for everyone.

NERF Birthday Party Kits: Who creates this Toy?

It feels not fair when you want to apply something but you do not know what it is! NERF is the brand of a toy in which the owner is Hasbro but the creators are Parker Brothers. The manufacturer does not merely create weaponry with foam-based. However, it also produces some balls for basketball and soccer. The materials to make the toys are safe such as rubber, plastic, and foam.

Let’s download then customize it!

Okay, you have understood that the NERF toy brand is safe for kids because it uses safety materials. Now, you should be surer to use the template of the day to kid’s birthday party. Therefore, let’s download the NERF-templates immediately. In this part, Drevio will work alone and it does not spend a lot of time. Meanwhile, you must:

  • Save the template and repeat for other templates that will spend some minutes.
  • Then, it is time for this tool (click here: https://canvas.drevio.com/start/) does the duty to edit and customize the invitation.
  • Your invitation cannot print and copy directly in heavy card stock paper before entering that free online tool.







On the other hand, you should make a cone-shaped NERF-birthday hat but do not worry. It will not waste time because the template has a dotted line. You quite use it and give a tape or glue as the adhesive. Add the hat strap from the ribbon, string, or other safe materials. Well, those are some steps to process your NERF birthday party kits. Let’s start it!

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