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FREE Printable PETE The Cat Invitation Templates

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Seeing the cute cat can always make you smile. Seeing them in the picture can absolutely make the smile wider. How about seeing them on an invitation? The opportunity for you to see the cute cat available on Free Pete the Cat Birthday Invitations.

To get the sheets, what you must do is to follow these simple rules: Open the website, choose which invitations you are going to be stored, then select save. By following the little steps, your download will be ready for you.  Remember to always stay connected with the internet since you need it to make the download progress run smoothly.

Anyone who you loved can get these invitations. Send them the warmth phrase for the opening such as “Come have a groovy time at (name)’s 3rd birthday” or “Please join us for a groovy party at (name). She tuning 6 right now!”. Write down the phrase in the middle space.






5 X 7” inches is the best size for an invitation. Yet sometimes, several people like the bigger version. Thus, you can change the size using the CorelDraw. Following the instruction on Youtube can also be a good choice for you. As long as edited by yourself, the originality will surely be good.

Here are the tips on choosing the good paper for an invitation: Choose the smoothest one. Do not stick with too much texture since it is not friendly with the ink. Thus, the canvas will be a good one. It has a great experience with laser printing. Try it!

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