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Free Printable Pink Barbie Birthday Party Kits Template

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Barbie is a beautiful doll with a good body goal that also appears in a kid’s movie. Now, they not only appear in classic style but also follow the era. Therefore, Barbie’s birthday party kits keep appealing to use by the children thoroughly the world. If you look for a Barbie themed hat, cupcake topper, invitation, and the water bottle label, here is the place. You do not only get excellent templates but also the Barbie-themed birthday party kits free printable. Drevio recommend this page for everyone needs it so much

 Barbie Birthday Party Kits are only for Girls

The charm of Barbie inspires many women in the world does not only kids. Even, adult women are willing to undergo plastic surgery to get her beauty. It implies girl teenagers and adults may apply this theme for their birthday party. Do not worry you can customize it to look mature and differ from kid’s design. So, never think to use it for boys although you find a male Barbie doll.

Download your Birthday Party Kits in Barbie Theme

Of course, the most important thing you need from Drevio is how to download the templates. It turns out the templates do not bother because the time is so effective and efficient. For more information, watch below:

  • Click the image and wait for it finishes in seconds.
  • Repeat for remaining templates with the same steps.
  • Save, customize, print, and copy the template but only the invitation that need to customize.
  • Precisely, using heavy card stock paper for beside the cupcake topper and water bottle label. It means the paper type is for the template of the hat and invitation.
  • Pass this free only software https://canvas.drevio.com/start/ to customize the blank space into has readable information.








Lastly, you only make the hat in a cone shape. Utilize the dotted line to give glue or tape. Install string or ribbon to make the hat strap. Well, happy using Barbie’s birthday party kits and thank you.

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