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FREE Printable Pocoyo Invitation Templates

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Are you confusing to hold you kid’s birthday party? What about Pocoyo-themed party idea? It sounds great! To support the idea, we offer you Pocoyo invitation templates. A cheerful template with Pocoyo and friends, that shows a cheerful kid’s world.

The birthday invitation card provides a blank space. It’s the space for you to make note. You can write the information concerning on the party here. You need to write the day and date, the time, and also the address where the party will be held.

Free Printable Invitation Card

Maybe you wonder about the price of the card. I tell you  “IT’S FREE!” How come! I tell you how to get it.

You should open this web and select the image, then copy it. Open Photoshop or Word worksheets and paste the image there. Because the standard size is 5 x 7 inches, you can make your own measurement for the card. If you want to write in the blank space with the font styles provided in the software, you just select the fonts and begin to fill the blank space. But if you like to write in hand-writing, you need a pen or marker.





Here’s the preview :

You can buy the paid version at Etsy.com


Easy Printing

When your design is all set, you are ready for printing. Check your ink and the paper needed in order to give the best result. For the paper, you can use Cardstock paper or photo paper.

Well, if you’re satisfied with our design and the information given, don’t forget to tell everyone about us.

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