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(FREE Printable) – Pokemon Birthday Invitation Templates

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When it comes to baby shower party, everyone will immediately fall in love with the decoration and food that you provide for them with lots of effort. Planning a baby shower party is perfect for new-mommies and don’t forget to shower their babies with lots of love, support, and as well as your best wishes and sweet gifts. If you are someone who loves nothing more than Pokémon character, and wishing to throw a party with the Pokémon as your invitation card design, you will be falling love with these Pokémon template.

Our template were discovered from the best themes collection that suit every aspect for the new parent and their babies’ interest. From celebrations inspired by baby animals, classic storybooks, and the famous Pikachu figure into a whole piece of cute and stunning invitation cards. These Pokémon invitation features an admirable design. It has an outstanding design idea, cute Pokémon characters such as, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and as well as the charming armaldo the armadillo will decorate your entire card with lots of adorableness. We puts some text-boxes for you to fill it with your impending baby’s name and the detailed information about your special baby shower party.







As an additional information, this template has six different styles, so you can choose which one that you think will suit you best. For printing material, you can get some information on Internet, but we’ll give you some recommendation. Go for card-stock paper, it has good durability as well as comes in various colors, textures, as well as thicknesses. Are you ready to craft your own invitation card? But before we go deep into the crafting process, you will need to download the template, in below you will see the download instruction.

How to Download

To get all of them, you can take a look at these following instructions:

  1. Click on top of which template do you preferred
  2. Wait a moment, because a new pop up page will appear
  3. Then right click the template and choose “save image as”
  4. Tap “enter” on your keyboard to save it in your device
  5. And Whoops your template will be downloaded right away.

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