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Free Printable Princess Jasmine Disney Birthday Invitation

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A whole new woooorld…. a new fantasy point of view…

Well, I just remember that lyric.. If you love an Arabic theme or Aladdin theme for your birthday party, or your kids’ birthday party, here is free printable Princess Jasmine Birthday invitation. This invitation is free to use for personal only. Aladdin is well-known animation film by Disney, and it’s perfect for an Arabic birthday party theme. You can download the invitation below

This invitation comes in simple blue polka dot design. Simply download the invitation and fill in your details with a pen or marker. You can also open your favorite image editing software like Photoshop.Simply add your party info and then send it to print. This free printable Princess Jasmine invitation measures 1280×720 HD, of course you can resize the image size to 5×7 inches.

I recommend a white cardstock paper to make your invitation better and sturdy. Using a cardstock gives you more authentic feel. Ask the print shop to use a cardstock paper.

You’re done and ready to celebrate your birthday party!




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