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(FREE Printable) – Rainbow Magical Unicorn Birthday Invitation Templates

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Every parent wants to fill their kid’s birthday party with as much magic and wonder as they can. And with your own child’s upcoming unicorn birthday, you know just how much planning that can cost. According to Internet, The average cost of hosting a 1st birthday party can be anywhere from $100 and can up to $300. Just because, in these day – first birthday parties has now reached the same status as milestone events like hosting a 17th or 18th as well as kinds of 50th birthday parties.

Meanwhile, to lit up your party to the next level, you are going to need a party concept that goes well with your personal preference as well as your current budget. Try to approach it by finding out what kinds of movies do your kids love the most? Or if your daughter loves everything about unicorns and her love of them started when she was very little, you can use our Magical Unicorn invitation card and match them with your whole party decoration with colorful stuffs. Unicorns are all the rage right now and for some good reason, like in our template, Fun colors and beautiful creatures. This Magical unicorn comes in an adorable design, decorated with a nice such appealing color gradation on its background as well as cute yet magnificent unicorn clipart to take over or seize the main spotlight.

Every little things she does is Magic




How to Download

To download these cute Magical Unicorn, you can follow this instruction:

  1. Move your mouse pointer on each template that you want to download
  2. Click on the image, a new pop up page will appear soon
  3. Then Right click the template and choose Save Image AS
  4. Tap “Enter” to save it in your device.


Can you imagine how your kids and guests will get excited when they see your baby’s birthday party filled up with full of rainbow decorations, gorgeous sets of unicorn horn and sweet desserts? Sure, it’s too fascinating to imagine. Grab them all for free! In our gallery, each templates was designed in JPG Format, so you can easily download our collection and personalized them using a simple app such as Microsoft Word or Paint. Write down your party details, put your baby’s brightest smile photo on it to make it even perfect for colorful and joyful handmade party.


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