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(FREE PRINTABLE) – ROBLOX Birthday Party Kits Template

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Long before PUBG, Mobile Legends, and AoV emerge in public, ROBLOX has been amusing the gamers since in 2006. Although it includes an old online game, it never lost the fans. Therefore, Drevio tries to present ROBLOX birthday party kits for you. Besides the system of playing is quite fun, the character of the players looks cute. If you realize it, the players resemble Lego. The ROBLOX themed birthday party kits free printable suitable for kids between 10 years old. So, what are you waiting for?

ROBLOX Birthday Party Kits appear in Four Templates

Such as usual, Drevio’s birthday party kits are in the form of four templates. There are ROBLOX hat, invitation, cupcake topper, and the water bottle label. A little bit of story toward the game where it includes Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG). Roblox Corporation is the developer of the game that never trial in 2004 within the name DynaBlox.  The game is unique because the players can set their games through a platform. You will get a virtual money currency of Robux or Tickets to buy your necessary in the game.

Download and start to work on your Duties!

Leave the story and start working by downloading those templates! Let Drevio make it easier for you but the result will be ready in a short time in quality. After that, follow these steps to finish your job of the day:

where you may do it as long as you need freely.

  • Finish the job of making a cone-hat through the dotted lines. Do not forget to prepare some adhesive such as a tape or glue, and a strap from a string of ribbon.
  • Print both templates only in heavy card stock papers no other.







If the invitation should get customizing before printing, the hat must be printed before forming in a cone shape. Okay, thank you for reading and paying attention to the ROBLOX birthday party kits. Happy party!

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