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It is a birthday time! Your baby’s having his first upcoming party in the not-too-distant future? If you still haven’t come up with any idea, you can think of sesame street theme for your invitations. The tv kid series has become popular among children and gaining more popularity everyday. I’m sure your child and the guest will like the idea very much as they will feel more comfortable in something they know. Besides, the idea provides a fun mood that will that will increase the attandence in your special occasion.

Blank Elmo Birthday Invitations 1 – Party Invitations Ideas

You can find a lot of printable sesame street invites in online stores. This can save much of your time to prepare the others. Alternatively, you can also make your own unique design and give a bit of your flair in the cards. It would be so much interesting to use colorful design for a baby, instead of the tedious plain one. You can divide the beckground into three section and fill it with different shades and colors. For example, make the first side in yellow and put a cute birthday baby’s pose on it. Then you can place the second section for the wording and some details. Use another bright color such as red to lighten the mood. You can also add some pattern at the background such as shee polka dots or diagonal lines. As for the third section, add the iconic sesame street photos in a cute adorable pose. Use a green color with less pattern as the background.

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