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Free Printable Snow White Birthday Invitation

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Here’s free printable Snow White birthday invitation. This fairy tale is never get too old! Are you having Snow White birthday theme soon? Well this invitation is for you. You can easily edit, and print the invitation below.

This printable Snow White invitation comes in JPEG format. Simply print and fill the birthday party details with a pen or a marker. Create an invitation in no time. It’s also great if you have nice handwriting and wannabe creative with this Snow White printable invitation. This invitation measures in 5×7″ in HD resolution. If you are able to operate Photoshop, you can edit it with your favorite image editing software.


This invitation comes in a fairytale background with Cinderella besides the birthday party details. Fill your birthday invitation with name, age, date, time and location. RSVP number is there too!
When you’re ready, you can send it to print and start spreading the words.

What’s best paper? Cardstock will make this invitation more authentic. So, simply buy cardstocks and ask it to be printed with cardstock. Now you’re ready to go! 🙂


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