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FREE Printable spa birthday invitations Template

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What can be more fascinating than a spa birthday party? I bet every girl is more than willing to come. A whole day treatment is kind of a fantastic idea to celebrate your big moment. For your special day, it should be interesting to have a girl time together with your fellows. As for the invitations, you can adjust it into an adorable spa theme that can fondle your guest. There are so many choice that you can find in the internet. Make sure you come up with a nice one that can represent your preference.

One of my favorite design is the glam spa invite from zazzle. It has a nice edging with a soft pink stripes background. There is a shadow girl image at the top center adorned with pink flower petals surround it. The wording is presented in black which looks certainly great in the template. At the bottom, there is a black ribbon line horizontally to separate the wording and the party details. Generally, the theme has less ornaments but do not lose the festive mood.

You can also put a photo in the invitation. Make a combination of pink and teal as the background will work well in your invitation. You can add some spa ornaments around the picture such as lipstick, nail polish, make up brush, an so on. Alternatively, you can choose a spa item to be put as a main idea in your template. for example, you can use an attractive pink nail polish and make it in a large size. Fill the image with the wording and some details in an attractive font. For this, you can use less crowded background such as a pink wavy background.

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