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(FREE Printable) – Toy Story Baby Shower Invitation Templates

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Nothing can beat the glorious of your baby’s first milestone and now it’s a perfect time to celebrate their first birthday with your family member and close friends, and for sure you can ask your friends to also bring their baby and get ready to the whole cuteness of their tiny socks! Of all the kinds of parties out there, baby showers are pretty much the sweetest and the cutest party ever. When you’re in charge of planning a baby shower party, don’t forget to prioritize the invitation card design, it’s your baby’s first birthday, so you’ll need to make sure that every aspect on your party is the finest one.

Creating your own invitations is really fun and meaningful way to have a special touch from your hand to your baby’s invites. Your guests will see your hard work to craft your own invitations, and for sure they will come to your baby’s birthday party with warm wishes and shower the baby with sweet gift from behind their back. Without further ado, you can have these template design for your invitation card. This Toy Story-inspired invitation card will cut down the long-process of crafting your invitation card.







This template comes in both landscape and portrait orientation, besides that you will also get a crisp design of Buzz Light-year, Woody, Rex and many iconic characters from the timeless Toy Story series along with beautiful baby blue sky background. Without sacrificing any details, we have designed text box, there are six different styles, so you can choose which one is more suitable for you. Write down your party details in those designated box, you can also add your baby picture on it to boost up the cuteness of this invitation card.

How To Download

If you’re wondering how to download these cute template, please follows these instructions:

  1. Choose your template design
  2. Move your mouse pointer and Left-Click the template
  3. Wait for a while, a new page will be appeared
  4. Right-click the template and choose “save image as” to save it
  5. Locate where the file will be saved in your device and Enter
  6. If the download process is finished, check your default download location and open them using Ms. Paint or Word.

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