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(FREE PRINTABLE) – Vampirina Birthday Party Kits Template

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Do you have seen a computer-animated fantasy musical movie of Vampirina? The movie releases on October 1, 2017, to celebrate Halloween in the US. Nowadays, this page wants to present this young vampire again in the form of Vampirina’s birthday party kits.  Although she is a vampire, her presence in the hat template, invitation, cupcake topper, and the water bottle label looks catchy. It is because she is a kind-hearted ghost that moves to Pennsylvania. Besides that, Drevio can appear the free printable Vampirina themed birthday party kits template in the high-quality.

Vampirina Birthday Party Kits: Let’s recall the story

Let’s recall the outline of the story of Vampirina. This young vampire seemly must adjust her life in a new environment in Pennsylvania from Transylvania. She follows her family there that opens accommodation for supernatural beings. These children’s television series use famous stars as the voice-overs. Vampirina itself uses Isabella Cramp as the voice-over that collaborates with other players. There are Lauren Graham, James Der Beek, and Wanda Skyes who support the TV series.

What is Next? Download and customize it!

By the way, it is your purpose to visit here that is downloading the templates. Nevertheless, Drevio can realize it easily without spending much time and budget. Even, you merely choose and save the templates in minutes. The rest, you can:

  • Print and copy the water bottle label, hat, and the cupcake topper.
  • Note, use different papers to print the hat such as heavy card stock paper that you use for the invitation.
  • Before printing the invitation, open https://canvas.drevio.com/start/ because you must write in the blank space. Remember, it is free online software to accelerate your job.
  • Turn back to the hat template where it needs your intervention to make the cone shape. How to create it is by attaching the dotted line with tape or glue. Further, add the hat strap from strong or ribbon as you want.







Okay, that is detailed information on Vampirina’s birthday party kits. Feel free to download, customize, and then start your kid’s party as soon as possible. Good luck!

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