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(FREE Printable) – Vintage Gold Drive By Baby Shower Invitation Cards

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Planning a perfect shower party for our loved ones is surely become one of the best moment that you’ve ever had, even you just had a little part on it. From planning the party concept to finishing the whole decoration of your party. We all know that you might have spent a lot of your precious time and sweat when planning a sweet and perfect celebration party. It may seem exhausting right?  Those are the price that you’ll need to pay.

In our site, you can have everything you need for your party invitation. What if you see my latest design template? Really? Okay, please have a look at these ones, folks.

It features an admirable design, and has an outstanding design idea though, I tried to combine both Modern style, like Geometric Style Text Frame, along with some vintage stuff, a couple of classic car images. As we can see, there is “Drive by Baby Shower”, what’s that? With all unprecedented things that happened lately, we are pushed to keep our distance from our loved ones, right? and there is a whole new concept to deal with (Drive By Party). How awesome is that? It would be beyond our imagination, for sure.


Free Printable Vintage Gold Invitation Templates With Portrait Orientation Cards


Free Printable Vintage Gold Invitation Templates With White Background


Free Printable Vintage Gold Invitation Templates With Gold Geometric Style Text Frame


Free Printable Vintage Gold Invitation Templates With Sunflowers


Free Printable Vintage Gold Invitation Templates With Classic Car Image


Free Printable Vintage Gold Invitation Templates With Printable Format

To Download

Can’t wait to keep this template as yours? And use them at your special party? Relax! You only need an extra effort to download these adorable template. Take a look at this following instructions:

  1. Choose your favorite template
  2. Click on each one of your selected template
  3. A pop-up page will appear so you will need to wait for a second
  4. Right click those image or template
  5. Then choose “Save Image As” and Tap your “Enter” key to download it
  6. Now your template will be automatically saved

You may have a question about “How to edit the template” Right? If so, we suggest you to use a simple application, like your default windows app (Microsoft Word and Paint). Besides that, we recommend you to pick card-stock paper as your printing material, because it’s commonly used for this type of occasion and has good durability.

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