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(FREE Printable) – Watercolor Boho Invitation Templates

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This template was requested by one my neighbor, who recently came to my small cribs. She kindly asked me, if is it possible for me to craft a well-designed template in sort amount of time. Of course, I said yes to her. This templates are originally intended to be used for her baby upcoming first birthday, and you know, she clearly wants her party become the “pioneer”, especially in our area. Drive by party, that’s the word.

Can’t be eager to wait to see ‘em?

Okay2x. Please have a look at these one, folks.

A sort of Rustic look design, yeah, that’s right! It doesn’t mean that we need those old/classic log/wood texture, in order to make classy “Rustic” styled invitation cards. This template is basically representing my idea of natural, rough, aged, and casual (You can see it through its entire design).


Free Printable Watercolor Boho Invitation Templates With Portrait Orientation Cards


In addition, to make it even better, I decided to put a couple things on it, like beautiful Flower Crest on its corner. You are not only getting one option, but you will certainly get six of them. Really? Of course, it is my pleasure to share my design with y’all, my loyal audience.


Free Printable Watercolor Boho Invitation Templates With Rectangle Text Frame


Free Printable Watercolor Boho Invitation Templates With Green Foliage


Free Printable Watercolor Boho Invitation Templates With Gold Sprinkles


Free Printable Watercolor Boho Invitation Templates With Floral Wreath


Free Printable Watercolor Boho Invitation Templates With

Where can I put the party information?

Relax, I’ve got that point though. So, I’ve made a designated place where you can put all the detailed information of your upcoming party on it. A pretty large space, with dazzling Rectangle shaped Text-Frame.


Download Information

  • Choose your favorite design
  • Right-click each one of them – Select “Save Image As”
  • Then Locate your default download folder, or just leave it as it is
  • Click “Save” while you’re still in the same menu as locating the folder.
  • Now the download process will begin shortly

Once you’ve downloaded the template (The instruction is placed at the end of the article), you can customize it easily, you don’t have to do an extra effort for it. Just open the file using third-party apps, such as Adobe Photoshop, or Corel Draw, and for beginner, this app is perfectly fit for you (Microsoft Word & Paints). For the last but not least, before you get some supplies, it would be better if you find some information about Printing Paper, mostly people will use “Card-stock” Paper.

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