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(FREE Printable) – Watercolor Floral Invitation Templates

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Today’s we’re going to see as well as learn how to turn this beautiful design template as the final draft our invitation cards. There is a lot of things that I want to show you, so, stay tuned and happy reading, folks!

What’s that? Is it free?

This templates are one of the most recent project I had. Big shout out to my husband who helped me a lot in designing as well as giving this wonderful idea. By the way, have you ever seen like this one before? I bet you haven’t, Am I right? Ha-ha. This template is basically featured “Floral” concept, which would have never gone wrong, and always stands out among the rest.

Yup! Any template in our site are free in the most cases, unless you want to commercial it. Okay, let’s back to the main topic. What do we offer to you? First thing first, you are going to get six different templates, each of them will be decorated with bunch of “Floral/Flower” Painting. It will decorate each corner of the card, and it’s going to form a beautiful “Rhombus” shaped Text-Box. Yup! Right at the center of the card with a pretty large space to accommodate all the detailed information you have.


Free Printable Floral Frame Invitation Templates With Portrait Orientation Cards


Free Printable Floral Frame Invitation Templates With White Background


Free Printable Floral Frame Invitation Templates With Gold Frames


Free Printable Floral Frame Invitation Templates With Floral Painting


Free Printable Floral Frame Invitation Templates With Watercolor Floral


Free Printable Floral Frame Invitation Templates With Fancy Design

Have you decided which one is your favorite? Really? Okay, then you need to follow this simple instruction to download the file, (Right-Click, “Save Image As”, Enter). Once the download process is finished, you can customize it using third-party apps, such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Paint, or even using Online Image/Photo Editor.


There are several types of Printing Paper out there, but all you need is picking the best one, that suit your need and budget as well. Here are a few lists of printing paper,

  • Card-stock Paper: Sturdy, doesn’t easily bend like others (Cons: Expensive)
  • Cotton paper: It’s strong and durable, it absorbs ink well. (Cons: A bit pricy)
  • Vellum: Vellum is a thin, sheer, translucent paper. (Cons: Need another paper as the main layer)

Mostly, people are going to pick “Card-stock” paper, it’s commonly used for Wedding, Birthday, and bunch of other Business occasion (Both Formal & Informal). Pick the weigh around 80-100 lbs, don’t go beyond the limit!

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