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FREE Rainbow Pamper Invitation Templates

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Seeing a rainbow comes after rain will make anyone who sees it warmer. The feeling is so real. Even when seeing the rainbow on the picture such as Free Rainbow Pamper Birthday Invitations, you cannot deny the fact that it was a very good experience for you to feel the existence of it from the invitations. Why not bring it to reality? Dropping the image to the right folder will be the right decision for you.

Clicking on the right of the pictures will make you realize that to take the best image is not that hard. Easily your invitations would be saved as soon as you try this way. Moreover, do not print the sheets quickly before you add several words on the blank space such as: “A Magical day is on the way. Please join us to celebrate (name)’s 6th birthday!” or “Join us at the end of the rainbow to celebrate (name)’s birthday party”






5 x 7” inches is the best that you can get from us. Well, you can make it bigger or smaller as you want. We need to let you know that changing the image into the PDF style can affect the printing quality of the invitations to the level where you can praise it.

After that, you can send invitations to the printing machine. On the production part, you can choose to place the Linen or canvas as the paper. Both have a smooth texture with the good quality of absorbing the ink.

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