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FREE Silver Foil Balloon Invitation Templates

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Many people said that a boy likes dark color. However, not all the perception is true. Sometimes a boy can love the color mixer such as our Blue and Silver Foil Balloon invitation. Our invitations have the mix of blue and silver tone.

On the center of the pages, you can write down several phrases to open the calls such as:

“(Name) is having a baby! Please join us for a shower in her honor”

“Up, up and away! Our sweet baby boy is on his way to 1! Please join us for honoring his birthday party! His name is (name)”

The invitations, on this edition, can be used for many things. You can use not only for the birthday party but also for baby shower.

Your children enjoy and you want to create them glad? Or are you diehard supporters of the colors and want your children to follow your path? It’s easy. Just use the invitations for your children’s birthday. Use the Blue and Silver Foil Balloon invitation model to create it simpler.

Because it’s a free model, you can readily access it. Just press on the save and you can get the model you can use. Now, how can we use it to design the birthday invitations for our children? It’s really easy. If you don’t have software, you can readily discover free software on the internet.






For example, if you use Blue and Silver Foil Balloon invitation template, you can see that it uses several color tones as background. For a kid, the black color is ideal. So, if you have daughters who want to celebrate their 1st birthday, you can turn the blue color into a more girly color, like pink.

Well, if you are not techie enough, please invite your friends who has skilled enough and type in the Photoshop festival information, such as the moment, date and place of your sunflower birthday event.

However! You can easily navigate the document by yourself if you can operate Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or image processing software. You can write it and add gold or enjoyable ink. Well, you can customize the page using your own variant with your creativity. Just surf the web for an additional advice.

What best paper for produce the invitations? Try to look at it quickly at the shop yourself. But you can use our linen document suggestions.

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