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FREE Smallfoot Invitations Template

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Migo! a Yeti that found human at the first time, will make your party happier and fancier. Smallfoot is the latest animated movie that will be available in cinemas tomorrow! Although you haven’t watch it yet (so do I! :D), but I think it’s not a bad idea if I designed the invitation first. It’s made by love, for you Bagvania readers!

This party theme is very suitable for your next winter party, free to use for your personal use only 🙂

You can browse the invitations below

Comes with aurora background and blank form, you can easily write down your Smallfoot wording invitation on it. Start download the invitations by clicking on the image above. The invitations comes in JPG files where you can open it almost everywhere, in every device!

Save the image as, then print the invitation on your nearest printshop. You can ask them to customize it with image processing software like Photoshop or Coreldraw. Ask them to write down your birthday party details, like time, date and location of your Smallfoot party.

Another idea, is simply print the invitation and write down your party with a pen or a marker.

Once you’re done. Don’t forget to use cardstock paper for your invitations.It brings authentic feeling to the invitations.

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