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FREE Star Wars LEGO Birthday Invitation Templates

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In 1932, the Lego was built. The play has been very famous until now. Lego enables your children improve curiosity, intelligence and creativity. If your children enjoy Lego, it’s very important for him or her to plan a Lego theme event such as holding the birthday event with Lego concept.

Your children can enjoy it by celebrating your child’s birthday with Lego. This easy invitation saves you cash, but sounds awesome. It is called as Free Lego Stars Wars Birthday Invitations. Using the Photo editor, you can try to add several important things on the blank such as adding the words like:

“Five years ago in a galaxy not too far away, a boy named (name) was born. The force is strong enough with him”

Place the opening like this then add some details such as time, date, and place. On our 5 x 7” Invitations, you can also add your pictures there.  Thus, using the linen paper will be the best choice since it has the ability to make the sheets still be smooth even the production needs more ink to produce the high quality sheets.






Cropping several ornaments would also be the good move. Just make the invitation as good as possible with your creativity.

How is this template downloaded? Just press on the image, then save the picture as the new file on your computer.  Do not be worry, the invitations comes in the good quality image so the images will not be cracked.  You can add a special folder for storing the image.

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