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FREE Unicorn Invitation Template

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A unicorn is a mythical beast with a characteristic of a horse but with an additional twisting horn near the head. Amongst the children, there is a famous cartoon called My Little Pony that uses a unicorn as the characters. In many occasion, unicorn often time pictured with a rainbow color. The girls, because of the rainbow color, usually love this colorful and playful beast. But, If you use another color to the beast then you can also make it lovable to boys. Creating a Unicorn invitation template should be planned well along with the theme of the party in order to make the party more synergic as a whole.

The first thing to do after you go for Unicorn invitation template is to check how many people that will attend the birthday party. This is important so you will know how many invitations you make later. Once you know how many people that will come to the party, then you can decide the picture or design used on the invitation. Make sure that the invitation has Mario and Luigi in it. You can add additional characters to attract more interest. Then, add the details such as place and time of the event and the name of addressee. There are two types of file format that can be used for the invitation. The first is JPG which can’t be edited so you should manually write the details and the second is PDF where you can edit the file in the computer before printing it out.






The last step to do about your Unicorn invitation template is to print it on a proper card. Make sure the card material is durable such as matte, photo, or glossy paper. After you pick the material, you can print the design into it with a color printer. If you don’t want to do anything, you can ask an event organizer or birthday planner for a themed invitation. Most of them usually offer a package that includes many things such as decorations and props.

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