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Frog Birthday Invitations Ideas

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The frog is one of the animals that have the popularity that outlives in late childhood. These animals are very attractive to children and also used as a hobby by adults or pets. Maybe this time one of your family member’s birthday soon and want a party that is inspired by the green, amphibians and a member of the animal kingdom. Frog birthday party invitation would be very appropriate.

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The first idea that you can try is origami frog. The way is easy, use one of the many origami folded into the traditional frog design that will serve as the basis of an invitation. Then print the invitation in a rectangular piece of paper and place the invitation text and frogs folded section. To help you, fold origami frog and toad paper mark fields that will be folded in several parts of the body, so you can see where they would be in the folding page.
The second idea for invitations frog is a frog confetti. Buy frog-shaped hole puncher to make confetti. Then Tap hole and paper with green shades to create a small cutout paper frog. Pair this on the invitation card that has previously been folded and seal them in an envelope. This invitation will be very interesting, when the invitation is opened then scatter confetti itself to the reader.

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