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Funny Birthday Invites Wording and Templates

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It is the time.. Your birthday celebration is just around the corner, but don’t worry we always have ideas for your special occasion. This time we’re gonna take a look into a quirky unique style for the invitation. Remember it is your birthday party, so don’t feel guilty to make a creative statement. A funny wording can be a real fun though.

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Sssh… Can you keep a secret? Arthur’s turning 17 and he is in for a real surprise!

OMG Stella is turning 27 and fabulous. Don’t count the candles, but the blessings. Come and join us for a fun night and excitement.

Yes I am old and grey as I’m turning 60. Dancing? Are you kidding me? I’m still ready to rock the night. It’s my birthday party!

What could be better than friends and cakes? Presents? Of course. No, just kidding. Put the date on the calendar and be my special guest on this magical night.

Party! Party! Party! Raise your glass and lend a cheer. I swear to God, I am 30. Join me for a wonderful delight.

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In addition to some fun wording, it can be good to have a fun card theme as well to make it unforgettable. You can also put your funny pose picture to attract your guests. Don’t be afraid to go out of the box to celebrate your own special occasion. But make sure your invitation includes the date, time, location with direction,  proper  outfit, food served, and gift information (yes or no).

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