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(FREE Printable) – Geometric Floral Invitation Templates

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Hi guys. Today you’re going to learn how to craft your own party invitation cards with ease and give you good first impression.

(You’ll also get many useful tips how we chose the perfect printing paper, so you can spend less amount of money. So, stay tuned, folks. 😍)

A. Finding Inspiration & Design Template

This step is sure to be one of the most crucial step in making any invitation cards. At first, it may seem simple for you to find inspiration, but once you’re focused on searching a good design template, you might have to bounce in various sites. Am I right? I’ve been in that same situation.

What if I show you my latest design? Here we go,


Free Printable Geometric Floral Invitation Templates With Portrait Orientation Cards


There will be six different designs, in which you can get them for free, as long as you’re going to use it for personal occupation. What do we offer for today’s design? First thing first, you might have already seen it before, this one is the “Current Standard” in Party Invitation Cards, especially in 2020. A dazzling Gold Text-Frame, which has unique Geometric Style design.

In addition, you also got a couple of beautiful Flowers as its decorations. For example, six different type of Flowers, not only its type, but also its own color and finishes. From Roses, to Sunflower, each have been made with “Watercolor” style painting.


Free Printable Geometric Floral Invitation Templates With Gold Geometric Text Frame

Free Printable Geometric Floral Invitation Templates With White Background

Free Printable Geometric Floral Invitation Templates With Colorful Floral

Free Printable Geometric Floral Invitation Templates With Flower Wreath

Free Printable Geometric Floral Invitation Templates With Burgundy RosesB. Extras

You may get this “Questions” running around in your mind, like “Is it already comes in Printable Format? Can I customize the template? What’s the best printing paper? Okay, I got your back, folks. Here are a few lists that you need understand,

  • Is it Printable?

The answer is pretty obvious, by the way. Any template in our site has already been packed with such features; Printing as well as Editable Format.

  • How to customize it?

Before you jump into this step, it would be better if you know how to download it first, (Right-Click, Save Image As, Enter). Once the download is finished, for advanced user, I’d suggest you to open the template using Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw. For Beginner: Microsoft Word or even using Paints.

  • What’s the best paper for invitation card?

If you ask me for some recommendation, I’d suggest you to pick Card-stock Paper over the other one. It’s known to be used for Wedding, Birthday, and many Business occasion.

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