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Girl’s Birthday Invitations Ideas

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It’s your girl’s birthday. Now it’s time to celebrate it, but you face some problem, yep, choosing the best invitation for her. There are so many pre-made invitation in the party store, but here are some ideas that you can use to consider great invitation for your girl birthday.Make it simple but make it stand out from generic ones.
First of all don’t let the guests forget whose party are attending, that’s why you should include a photograph of you daughter on the front of the invitation. You can create your own photo invitation using computer software. If you’re feeling difficult to create your photo invitation, you can simply go to photo lab or digital photo service. Choose the best photograph of your daughter, don’t forget that you should choose photo that matches with her birthday party theme. Now, you can include complete information about your birthday party details such as time, date and location.

Simple Girl Birthday Invitations

Photography Girl Birthday Invitations

Printable Girl Birthday Invitations

Theme Park Girl Birthday Invitations

3rd Glitter Girl Birthday Invitations

Cupcake Girl Birthday Invitations

Penguin Girl Birthday Invitations

Another anti-mainstream party invitation is, pirate in the bottle invitation. Send the invitation in a small keepsake bottle. You can buy these kits in some card stores. Package it in a small plastic bottle, send it to your invitees. It’s not only an invitation, it’s also a memento for them. You can describe all party details on the paper. It’s fun, but a little bit expensive.

Glow in the dark Invitation is another great and fun invitation idea for your girl birthday party. It’s usually works for Sleepover party theme. You can buy the invitation in your nearest card store and send it. Don’t forget to add some girly accessories, like glitter and ribbons. Now, you’re ready to go! 😀

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