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Girl First Birthday Invitations

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Your baby girl is turning into the big 1-0. Celebrate this big occasion with your loved ones and mark it with lovely playful invitations. It can be difficult to choose only one of them as there are a lot of charming designs that will be tempting. Make sure you clearly define the theme of the party so that you can apply it well in the birthday card.

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I found some cute elegant designs in tinyprints.com which definately can be a good option to cherish your special moment. One of my favorite is the one with provides three photos in it. They simply divided the rectangle card into two sides and divided each side into few smaller columns. One the right, there are two columns with a different size and using the bigger one to put the baby photo, while writing the invitation wording on the smaller one. On the left, there are more columns with two photos separated by the word one in the middle. What I like in the design is they make it simple with white and pink color but offer an elegant side with a perfect structuring. They also set the photos in a black and white color which add into a conceptual context.

Playing with totally different color can be fascinating as well. I came across with a beautiful one in a confetty concept. It has a cooper brownish color with colorful confetty pattern at the bottom. In the center, there is a big one word and the birthday child name above it. Then you can put the detail information at the bottom section. It has no playful images but just feel right to mark your big event. I also like the arrow image at the bottom to simply border the wording and the RSVP info. You can find this at invitshop.com with only under $1.

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