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Golf Birthday Invitations Ideas

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When you create the design of the invitation, it means you will reflect a favorite recreational activity through words and images that exist on the invitation. Choose a nice word to go by reason of mini golf party invitations and consider to have a clever rhyme and have some references related to golf.
Plan and develop a rhyme to play around words to tell the guests, that they were invited to the party mini golf, for example, on the front of your invitation to use the word,
“Join us for some cake and fun
and try to get a hole-in-one
The birthday party 9th Sammie it! ”

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Use the golf term by using words such as “party”. In addition, you can also use the golf term for the words in the invitation with a clever analogy, for example like this:
“Marty and Sarah
is par-for-the-course
up to 18 years of marriage. ”

Do not forget to write the party information on the inside of the invitation at the bottom. Write a party information such as date, time, location and RSVP information. Also add additional information to bring the club or activity whether that will be available at the party.

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