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Golf Themed Birthday Invitations ideas

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Hallo again! Who has a fond of golf? Yes you can take it down as your invitation theme. There are so many golf features that you can use to embellish your invitation. It is a perfect idea for a true golfer. So what are you waiting for? Using golf theme can deliver the fun of doing outdoor activity in a shiney day. Get your guest ready for a terrific party.

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The first thing that come up in mind related to golf is a green grass color. It can be good option for the background. You can choose golf images on the internet such as golf putting green, golf clubhouse, or the one with a golf cart. Then put the wording invitation in the empty space using dark font color. Alternatively, you can also make a white background and playing with strong golf articles such as, tee golf, red golf bag, or golf border. In this case, it can be better to use a black fancy font instead of the colorful one. Another thing is to put your own golf posed photo in the cards. But make sure you select the nicest one and make it big. Then put the wording in the opposite side of the picture.

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For a perfect moment, you can add some golf invitation wording. Using a word like swing or tee is a good option such as “it is time to take a swing at Jone’s 40th birthday” or “Let’s tee off together at John”s special moment and make a wish”. You can come up with so many ideas using golf layout. Just let your imagination create the best one for you. Otherwise, if you can’t spare some time, then you can go get your personalized golf invitations and one that suit best for you.

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