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Harry Potter Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Maybe you’re planning a birthday party themed Harry Potter, you can create invitations by creating the world of Harry Potter is full of magic at your party. Make your own invitations for a Harry Potter-themed add a magical impression in the party. By making your own invitations, you will be a little put out to the party and also the cost of not using too much time.
One invitation ideas that you can try for your invitations is to make Harry Potter invitations scrolls. You will make invitations on parchment, you can find parchment paper craft stores or you can also create your own. Make your own parchment paper very easy way, use scissors to cut the round end of the white paper. After the paper was dipped into coffee or tea to brown.

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Let your paper until completely dry. Once dry, start writing on paper. Write an invitation such as writing a letter to attend Hogwarts, also write the party details such as date, day, time, location and RSVP information. You can add a touch of calligraphy and use a pen to write regulations disappeared. If you have finished writing, scroll invitation and use wax to seal them in order to remain closed or can also bind them using tape.

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