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Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Who don’t know Hello Kitty? Cute cat from Japan is perfect theme for your daughter party. If you want a great Hello Kitty birthday theme, you should apply that to your invitation too! Featuring this character will excite your party guests. You can start by searching and buy Hello Kitty stickers and picture at the craft stores or you can buy online from Amazon. Prepare a piece of card in half, width-wise to create 6-inch by 9-inch card.

Printable Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations

5th Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations 1st Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations

DIY Hello Kitty Birthday Invitations

Start writing your Hello Kitty Wording using the markers, in front of the card the beginning of your invitation. Place some Hello Kitty images in front of your card. Start inviting using some Hello Kitty stuff like “Meow, ….., Hello Kitty invites you!” or “…… let’s Celebrate my birthday with Hello Kitty”. Open the card and now, it’s time to explain your party information. Don’t forget to write down the time , date and location. Do some cute wording like, “……….come party with Hello Kitty and me!”.

Attach Hello Kitty picture and your picture, side by side, inside the card. You can search Hello Kitty images through the internet or buy some stickers at your near store. You can buy also Hello Kitty envelope to make it perfect. Your invitation is ready to be sent to the recipient.

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