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Hello Kitty BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS – Invitations, Dress, Pinatas, etc!

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My daughter Kim doesn’t just like Hello Kitty — she loves Hello Kitty and everything that Hello Kitty does. So when it came time to plan Kim’s 6th birthday, there wasn’t any doubt about what the theme would be: A Hello Kitty baking party.

I wrote a little note that said, “What do Hello Kitty and Kim both love …. to bake! Please join them, Tippy and Tiny Chum for a Totally Hello Kitty Bake-Day Birthday.”

By the way, you can download free printable Hello Kitty Invitations below

5th Hello Kitty FREE-Hello-Kitty-Blank-Invitation-with-Photo FREE-Printable-Surprise-Hello-Kitty-Invitation-Template FREE-Printable-Fairy-Theme-Hello-Kitty-Chevron-Template FREE-PRintable-Polka-Dot-Fairy-Theme-Hello-Kitty-Invitation-Template FREE-Printable-Yellow-Polka-Dot-Hello-Kitty-Invitation-Template FREE-Polka-Dot-Hello-Kitty-Invitation-Template

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I wanted the girls to feel like they were walking into Hello Kitty’s Bakery, so the first thing I did was use the helium tank I got from Party City to dress up the entryway with these amazing Hello Kitty Balloons of all shapes and sizes.
Next I hung these adorable cutouts in the doorway — I thought the danglers would be ideal to transport the girls into the Hello Kitty kitchen.


Party City had all these adorable tiaras to choose from. Kim chose the Hello Kitty beaded tiara and had been wearing it all morning. As the girls arrived, Kim gave each of them their own tiara. Instantly I had eight Hello Kitty baking princesses on my hands. It was quite a site.


Kim is always asking me to help out in the kitchen, so I told her she’d be my special Hello Kitty Helper. I picked out these adorable Hello Kitty Baking cups which made the cupcakes come alive even before we decorated them! I set up two sections one for icing and one for topping. The kids loved putting the icing on, and the decorations really brought Hello Kitty into the fun… first they put the Hello Kitty Icing Decoration carefully in place, then added the sprinkles and The Hello Kitty Fun Picks were a perfect way to add that finishing touch — and to sneak a taste of icing when no one was looking.


I knew that transforming my dining room into a Hello Kitty gala was going to take some serious imagination — but Party City actually made it really fun and easy. My goal in this room was to make it overflowing with Hello Kitty-ness. So this Table Cloth was exactly the start I needed. These colorful banners and streamers filled the room with fun Hello Kitty decorations.

ANYTHING with Hello Kitty on it is a treasure for Kim and her friends – and of course Party City had adorable Hello Kitty plates, cups, and napkins. Kim was so proud to present the cupcakes she and her friends worked so hard on. I’ll be saving that photo for her wedding day.


As if Hello Kitty wasn’t sweet enough, her Pinata rained magical treats all over her biggest fans. The girls ooohhhed and awwwwed. They thought it was so cute.


If there’s one thing a Hello Kitty Girl likes, it’s Hello Kitty Swag! They were so thrilled to take something home with them. I mean, after all, they’d eaten everything they’d made before. Party City has the perfect thing for Kim’s friends to remember this day forever. We know how much little girls like having Hello Kitty all around! Today was really special. I got to combine the two things my daughter loves most: Hello Kitty and celebrating her birthday. Thank you, Party City. We’ll be baking with you again next year.

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