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Hockey Birthday Invitations Ideas

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Held a hockey-themed birthday party for kids and adults who love the game of hockey would be very nice. It would be like being a welcome gift on a special day anniversary. You can focus with sports party for a birthday party that will always be remembered. Enter hockey theme into your invitations and other aspects of the party. Having a personal invitation to make your own birthday party invitations for hockey.

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hockey birthday invitations template


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hockey birthday party invitations


VIP ice hockey birthday invitations



Start by gluing the original hockey puck to cardstock, you also can cut the card into a circle to represent the puck if you can not find the original pieces. Use images celebrant wearing hockey gear or favorite team jersey, this will enliven on the front of your invitation.
The back of your invitation, write down the details of the birthday party that will be resembles hockey trading card players. Use miniature hockey stick and write the party details, this would be a fun alternative other than paper invitations. Good luck

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