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Hot Wheels Birthday Invitations

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Your little boy are having an extraordinary celebration in his age? There are plenty ideas that you can use to plan for the party as well as the invitations. If he is obsessed with playing around hot wheels cars, you probably need to consider using it as the theme. Besides, speaking of invitation ideas cannot be dried.

Hot Wheels Birthday Invitations for boy Hot Wheels and Track Birthday Invitations Hot Wheels Birthday Invitations with Photo

You can both use the pritable ones or make your own creative wheels flair. If you by chance have a plenty of time to make the handmade invites, it wil be a good idea to involve your child to participate in this fan activity. Besides, the activity can also bring benefit for increasing his creativity. The easiest and simpliest one is to make a black rectangle cards with hot wheels sticker. Firstly, you can prepare a black cardstock, hot wheels stickers, scissors, pencil, ruler and colorful pens.

2nd Hot Wheels Birthday Invitations Hot Wheels Photo Head cut out Invitation Hot


After all the materials have been gathered, start with sketching a rectangle shape in the cardstock using the pencil and ruler. Make sure you make the right size for the invitations, ideally it is 5 x 7 cm. To make it perfect, you can shape the edges into half circular shape. After that, begin to write the wording and the details in the center using colorful pens. At this step, let your son do it to make it super special. Then you can the stickers on the paper. If you have more spaces, you can put more then two. Otherwise, order it in the a unique structuring as you wish. Finally, the invites are ready to be sent in envelopes.

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