How to create a birthday invitation

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Last time, I wrote about making free invitations through canvas. There are so many choices to make free or payable invitations using online resources and website. The good point of making your own personalized design is you can independently using your imagination in the paper, hence deliver the idea which has your personal touch. The own personalized design can bring up strong character and share your personal side to the guest. This can be a trigger for them to come and share the happiness together.

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Right now, I want to talk about another free online application that allows you to make your own creation. It is called smilebox which has the same idea with its other counterparts to create personalized design easily. At first, I think it is made for virtual invitations that you can share in social media, so you don’t need to bother print it out and post it to each of your guest. However, it is also printable which make it more applicable in every occasion.

There are designs that you can choose at smilebox. It is range from playful to elegant, so you can match it with your own style. The steps are totally simple as well. You just need to go to the website and click get started and just follow the easy instruction. After selecting the right template and add some details. Then you can customize it with your personal touches to create excitement for your guest. The designs are not only for boys or girls, but also range from various category from children, teenagers, and older people. What I like is you can plug in not only photos but also videos to cheer your special moment, so that make it more interesting. Finally, after finishing all the steps, then you need only to send them via email, post, or even social media.

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