Ice Cream Birthday Invitations Ideas

Make your own invitations for a party themed ice cream cone or sundae will make your guests are ready to tempt ice cream and candy when they see your invitation. Make your own invitations at home will save you money and even your guests will not soon forget.
Making invitations with die cut invitation. Begin to make ice cream cone with any taste for party details. You can use construction paper with a different color for each ice cream. And of course some lightweight paper to make an ice cream cone.
Make a cone with paper cut into the shape of a triangle of three ice cream cones and scoops circles of the same size with brown paper. Then put a circle using glue and glue the last circle on the cone. Write your party details in the circle, including when, where, the type of party and RSVP information. You can use a silver pen to write the words in brown paper.

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Here's the scoop ice cream birthday invitations

Then cut three circles of colored paper with the same size of brown paper. Place the brown circle circles. This will hide the brown circle. Now , your ice cream invitation have finished 😀

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