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FREE Printable justin bieber birthday invitations

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Who doesn’t like this canadian singer? Almost everyone from children to teenagers or even adults love his wonderful voice and can’t stop listening his songs. The pop figure has been popular all around the word for the last few years. If you are one of justin bieber fans, you may consider him as a theme for your invitations. Basically, there a lot of personalized music templates on the internet, but make sure you pick the one which suits your personality and style best.

Since he is a pop singer, you can attach some musical ornaments to the design. You can put his abstract figure as a background and make it as simple you can to make it looks more elegant. Because justin bieber is familiar with purple, you can attach the color into the design. Another idea is to put your photo next to the bieber. Choose a simple bacground and put some of your photos in rolled film at one side. Then you can select your favorite justin bieber picture and put it at the other side. Make sure you come up with the best bieber pose to make it more interesting. Playing with the structuring can be a great idea as well. You can order your photo and bieber image as if it is a cover album. As it always, write the wording and some details in the center using a fancy font. Alternatively, you can place a pattern frame and put musical instrument articles in the template. If you choose a non photo template,  you can play with more ornaments to enliven the cards.

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