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Karate Birthday Invitations for Kids

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If your child is a big fan of a martial art, then throwing a karate birthday party can be a good idea for him. The idea will deliver the fun in an unusual way. So you can provide a brand new style for your beloved one celebration. The theme is not only limited for boys, but also is coming for girls as well. Hence don’t miss the opportunity to make a delightful day for your lovely child. At first, you can begin with making creative karate invitations.

Karate movement Birthday Invitations for Kids Kicking Karate Birthday Invitations for Kids Flying Kick Karate Birthday Invitations for Kids

If you have time for making your own ones, then it would be a fun activity. There are so many ideas to make karate design invitations. Firstly, you can make a gi shaped invitations. Gi is a martial arts uniform shirt. To make this easy you can search gi image with a proper size for invitation. Then print it out and use it as your guide to make a gi pattern in a heavy cardstock. After the pattern goes well, you can cut it out following the shape. It can be nicer to give a black ribbon in the waist part and stick it with a glue stick. Next, write down the invitation wording and the detailed information above the black ribbon using red and black pens. Finally the invitations are ready on envelopes.

Karate Tae Kwon Do Birthday Invitations for Kids Ninja Karate Birthday Invitations for Kids 5th Karate Birthday Invitations for Kids

If you cannot spare some time to make handmade invitations, you can use a personalized karate invitations. Some of the are available free on the internet, while the others are payable with wide range of price and designs. Whichever you choose, make sure you select one which deliver energitic mood. Using some creative karate related wording can be awasome such as “you don’t need to be a black belt to enjoy our karate party” or “come kick up some fun for Jane’s karate birthday party”.

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